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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Suit Coat Clutch and Purse

I got this from the thrift store for $5...

(Not the actual jacket I used...I forgot to take a picture!)

And turned it into this...

And this...

So to make this I pretty much took apart the entire suit coat. I was inspired by Linda at Craftaholics Anonymous. She offers a tutorial here. I made mine a bit differently because I wanted it to be my own creation. I used the sleeves to make the clutches. And I used the sides (where the pockets are) to make the purse. The collar of the jacket is the strap on the purse. Originally, I was going to give away the purse to one of my friends until I finished it and was in LOVE with it. I love the way it looks with the flower! I bought a few more suit coats at Goodwill the other day and am going to make them for a boutique I am doing in December. So cute!

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