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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Snowman Onesie

When I saw these snowman shirts, I knew Travis needed one! So I made it into a onesie.

I used freezer paper and (not) puffy paint since I didn't have any fabric paint on hand and am on a no-spend budget. Here is a quick tutorial just in case anyone hasn't used freezer paper-which is amazing by the way!

(Freezer paper was hard for me to find. I went to 3 grocery stores before I found it at Vons. My aunt said she found it at Wal-mart too.)

-Onesie or shirt
-Paint brush
-Freezer paper
-Exacto Knife
-Cutting mat
-Some type of fabric paint (I used puffy paint and made it non-puffy)
-Iron/ironing board

Draw the snowman face on the non-glossy side of the freezer paper.

Place your freezer paper on your cutting mat, and begin cutting out with your exacto knife. I wasn't worried about it being perfect since it was supposed to look like coal eyes and a carrot nose anyway-which aren't perfect!

Make sure you save the insides of the eyes to cut out smaller circles.

Place the freezer paper shiny side DOWN on the fabric. Use an iron to attach it to your fabric. Keep ironing until the edges are well attached to the fabric. You don't want the paint to seep under.

(Make sure you put newspaper or something inside your shirt or onesie otherwise you will end up painting the back also.)

Then, paint! To use puffy paint and make it non-puffy, just squeeze some onto a plate. Then you paint it on just as you would any other paint.

When you are all done painting, you should have something like this:

Let your paint dry for about 20 minutes and then peel off your freezer paper. You don't want it to be totally dry or else it will be hard to get the freezer paper off.

Next, if you are using fabric paint you want to heat set it. I was unsure if I needed to do this with puffy paint, but I decided I would cry if I washed it and it came off, so I did it anyway. Just put a towel over your design, and iron it.

That's it! Super easy, adorable shirt!

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