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Monday, February 7, 2011

Wedding flowers

So...did you think I died? Or did you not notice I haven't posted anything new in AGES? Either way, here I am! My little sister got married in January and my dad was out of work for 1 1/2 years before that. So I was busy, busy, busy making stuff and doing things for the wedding. My mom is a chronic DIY'er (yes, where I got it from), and I learned when she said "We will just do it ourselves!" in reference to the wedding, what she meant was "Melissa will do it!" So, when my mom said we were going to do our flowers, I was quite worried. I don't know how to do flowers!

Luckily, Kyla's mother-in-law (yep I know Kyla in real life-she's amazing!) has done flowers in the past. So we went over to her house one night and she taught us what she knew. She taught my mom and I the basics of making corsages, boutonnieres, and bouquets. Luckily, I took ONE DAY of floral class in High School before switching electives, so I knew how to wrap stems with floral tape. That is all I knew before this experience! But, somehow, my sister's flowers were absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I don't want to brag (seriously) but I was impressed!

So, here is how you can save $1000 (or more) on a wedding. Either find someone you know who knows the basics of doing flowers, or YOUTUBE! I went on YouTube and found hundreds of videos for how to make a boutonniere, corsage, or bouquet. Then I googled "yellow wedding flowers" and found hundreds of ideas. Then I found a local flower whole seller that you are actually able to pre-order flowers from. And worked up a ton of nerve and spent all day the day before the wedding slaving over flowers. Luckily I had a few handy ladies who came and helped me otherwise I would still be working! (and the wedding was 3 weeks ago) I made:
-7 bouquets
-13 boutonnieres
-5 corsages
And 13 flower arrangements for centerpieces.
And all the flowers cost...$200. Seriously.
I am still kicking myself that I didn't take a picture of all the flowers I made. SO MAD! But, it was a wedding, right? So we have hundreds of pictures, so just click on them to see them big so you can appreciate the flowers!

Here is my sister's bouquet close up...she didn't want ANY greenery added to it. Only flowers!

And here are us bridesmaid with the beautiful bride and our beautiful flowers!

And the groomsmen boutonniere's...

And here is one with the parents and grandparents and you can see their corsages and boutonniere's. (Ignore my mom's corsage that is upside down. The roses were TOO heavy and wouldn't stay up the other way. She said she liked it up-side down :O) )

And here are a few I cropped so you can better see them...

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