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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Christmas card wreath

So when I saw this tea wreath, I knew I had to make one to hang Christmas cards on. I love getting Christmas cards in the mail, but they usually just end up in a basket at my house. So I figured if I had something super easy to attach them to, maybe I could actually show them off!

I made them a little different then the tea one...I put a lot less clothespins on mine. I only used 8. I decided I wanted them spaced out so the Christmas cards weren't jumbled together. But I can always put up more then 8 Christmas cards. Also, I wanted my background paper to show more. I also used a diapers box instead of thin cardboard. I also didn't put clothespins on the top because I wanted to put some words to make it a little more festive.

I made for my little sis (I am making her different decorations for different holidays for a bridal shower present) and one for me. Now the hard part...deciding which one to give away!


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