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Saturday, November 6, 2010

New church bag!

So we needed a church bag badly. The hubby and I were carrying all of our church stuff every week. But this meant we would forget things or would have to search for them every week. So, we bought one from the dollar section at Target (I heart the dollar section!) But, it ripped the first week. So it didn't make the cut. So I have been meaning to make one and when I was at Joanns a few weeks ago, the home decor fabric was 50% off. I thought this would make the perfect bag since it is heavier-maybe it won't get a giant hole in it the first week! So here is how it ended up...

And the piping...

I love it! I had to buy material that wasn't too girly or else I would have to carry the church bag ALWAYS because I already knew the hubby wouldn't! So I picked this one. And this is the first time I used piping. It was real easy and adds so much to the bag! Ok, so here is a quick, tutorial...

-1 yard of thick material (home decor works well)
-1 yard of lining
-package of bias tape piping
-scissors, pins, sewing machine, and iron

(I used 5/8's seam allowances unless otherwise specified.)

So, first I cut out the pieces of material that would be the body of my bag. I cut out the home decor material and the lining 13"x16" (2 of each). I wanted to be able to fit a binder into my bag, so I thought this would be a good length.

Next, I cut out my straps. The hubby wanted them to be long so he could wear them on his shoulder comfortably. So I cute two straps 4.5"x35". Fold them in half lengthwise, wrong sides together. Sew down the long open side, leaving open the ends. Do this to both straps and turn them right side out. Iron.

Next, put your bag pieces together, right sides together.

Take one of your straps and put it INSIDE of your material, so that the end of the pieces are sticking out.

Next, stitch around the edge. When you get to the straps, back stick and forward stitch to reinforce it and make sure the straps don't pull out. Leave open a 2 inch opening. Turn the piece right side out and iron. (When I stitched, I rounded my bottom corners because I wanted the bottom round and not square-you can do it either way!)

Next, sew around the edge of the large rectangle piece, being sure to close up the hole. Repeat these steps for the other rectangle.

Now, you will have to purse pieces with straps. Put them together, right sides together. Before you pin, take out your piping. Put the piping inside of the bag so the bias tape side is sticking out towards where your selvages will be. Then, carefully pin around the edge to ensure that the piping bias tape is evenly spaced all around. I lined the edge of the bias tape up with the edge of my fabric.

Next, sew along the edges with a 3/8's seam allowance. Go slow! My pressure foot was on top of the piping and if I went too fast, it would slip off and I would have to get the seam ripper out...

And viola! You have a piped, lined bag! I with the lining I felt like I was channeling my inner Mondo (for those that watched Project Runway) even though it wasn't purple...

I seriously hope this made sense! And I love my church bag. My favorite part is the piping!


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